Monday, March 22, 2010

Creative Juice opens the taps on Communities unite Purewater (CUP) Campaign

Social Bookmark Button 10senThe CUP (Communities Unite for Purewater) campaign is focussing on the plight of inadequate clean water in poverty stricken communities. It has an objective of getting 1 million clicks in 4 months. Every click-through will be tracked and taken as single donation equalling 10sen.
At the CUP’s website,, visitors can click-to-donate.

CUP was launched last month and officiated by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water at UITM. President of UPF, Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail told ADOI, "Power of 10 Sen is not about collecting millions of dollars, but about empowering millions of children."

Officiating the launch of the CUP 

of the MOU between Creative Juice’s Sa’ad Hussein and UPF President Tan 
Sri Datin Paduka Hjh Zaleha Ismail

From left to right: Dr Teh Su Thye (UPF Secretary General), Cik 
Zamzuriah Zahari, Mr Calvin Lim (Marketing Director OnetoOne Events), Mr
 Sa’ad Hussein (Managing Director Creative Juice\Sil), Dr. Sahol Hamid 
Abu Bakar (vice chancellor UITM), Datuk Nor Azmal Mohd Nazir (DGM, 
Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry), Assoc. Prof. Normah Dali 
(UITM), Mr Nicholas Lee (director Power of 10 sen), Soo Wincci 
(ambassador Power of 10 sen).

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